1:12 and 1:24 Scale Miniatures Made By Me!!

My most recent build in 1:12 scale. I just LOVE this floor lamp! I am compiling a video tutorial for it that will soon be added to my YouTube channel!!



Stay tuned! I have also created a 1:24 scale version of the same design.


A collection of 1:12 MCM style chairs *made by me*


2023 MCM BUILD!!!

 The beginning of a new 1:24 scale build of an MCM style home. I always start with a *storyboard* that often changes as I progress. Still in the very early stages…stay tuned for more pics!!!


1:24 Scale Loft Rooftop Patio

1:24 Scale replica of Eloise’s Room1

1:12 scale Peterborough Canadian Canoe Build



Updates to the LOFT exterior and outfitting the BEDROOM

Now head over to the TUTORIALS page where I have added a tutorial on the Wardrobe and the Chaise Lounge. 

The 1:24 scale New York Warehouse Loft!

This is a live stream so you will have to endure a little bit of chatter! 

Here I will describe the basics of this project. More to follow!!

The Great Dollhouse Renovation 2021

Check out the house all ready for Christmas!!!

Here are the first in a series of walkthroughs for the two houses currently being renovated and built. Scroll down to see pics!

The Installation of the Newberg Kitchen

Watch how I gave an old vintage dollhouse kit a new modern look....

Introducing the "Transforminium" A customizable Room Box

Renovation of Newberg house Part 2

Renovation of Old Dollhouse...Part 1

Renovation Part 2 with some added DEMOS!

The second Miniature House is a kit BASH!!

Making a Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp!

Dollhouse #1 ..The Reno

Here is a pic after I removed all of the fussy gingerbread trim. I also removed the fishtail shingles from the front and added some board and baton. I will be replacing the porch floors and rebuilding the railings and porch posts. 

The Master Bedroom....

Daniels room.....

The Living Room!

The Kitchen!

The Attic.....reading nook, and bathroom.....

Close up of the bathroom

Jake and Alexis live in this awesome modern living space with their 10 year old son Daniel. Occasionally, Alexis and Jake had to hire outside help to get the jobs done.....Michael, and Gareth were regularly on the job site!

A little stained glass window and a funky chair!!

Building the Newberg Dollhouse from scratch, but BASHING THE KIT!!

This is the original kit and a suggestion of what it should look like, inside and out. 

Now, what if we jumped outside of the box??

I changed some windows around, added some wood flooring, and cut the second floor in half! Then, I did not love the tiny third floor so I cut it in half as well!! That also gives my a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom.

Originally I had stained the first floor black (pics below) and had a white fireplace .... but I hated both and had to redo. Pretty much everything gets done twice in my Renos and builds!!

It is still a huge work in progress and there is tons to do before it is finished, but I sometimes break up the building work with a little fun creative stuff. Here are a few pics of some new additions.