In January of 2017, I started an online modern calligraphy course with thehappyevercrafter.com  Becca Courtice is a local girl (local to me) and she had us begin with practicing drills, which lasted about 4 weeks, then on to minuscules, majuscules, connections and now stylized and bounce lettering. I cant wait to see what comes next! I have been alternating between a flex fountain pen (Noodler Ahab is my pen of choice, (seen above), dip pens, brush pens, acrylic paint, and digital. (seen below) SOOOOOO much fun! Head on over to Special Occasion Signs for more examples. 

What Came Next:

So what came next, was to take a course given by Amanda Arneill and Stefan Kunz. Becca from Happyevhercrafters is restarting her drills class and her schedule is pretty full, so a while back she suggested if we were interested in moving on, we should take  a course called Lettering Like a Legend. Well, I am sooooo glad I did! Maybe some  of the techniques were not absolutely new to me, (remember, I have been lettering for a long time) but it inspired me to study  old styles in new ways and branch out a little. Along with the Legends course I decided to jump right in and take the Limitless iPad Lettering course, also with Stefan Kunz. https://amandaarneill.com/courses/letter-like-legend/

While I am not quite finished the courses yet, but  I have to say I have learned a TON!! Below are some examples of some of the stuff I have created lately. I took the courses at the same time, so sometimes, I did an exercise  that was intended for pen and paper and translated it in procreate on my iPad. 

The 3d

exercise using 2 vanishing points. I really loved this one!!!

This was the ribbon letter class, it was fun too! I think I could improve upon it now that I have a little more experience!


some lettering experience to good use! a mockup for a future product...resin perhaps??

I was not thrilled with the  final product here, but again, it was just an exercise and I did learn a lot!!

Another possible future product

However, this one I did LOVE!! Photo courtesy of Janeen Wagemans!!

Done on a record!! Love it and could possibly become a product line! Uniball Signo white pen. 

And possibly my fave so far!!!!

The exercise here was" Lettering Within a Shape" Had fun with this one!!

Some Fun and Easy Fonts

We won't go to crazy here, just a couple of easy ones and  a few suggestions. Once you build up your confidence you can get creative...use social media sites as sources of inspiration!

Also head on over to the Special Occasion Signs page...its chalk lettering, but there are some fun fonts to play with. Just remember,  even if you find a font that is not complete, just be consistent...what the left vertical line does in the letter A, will be  the same for the left vertical line in the letter M. The horizontal line in E will resemble the horizontal line in H and so on. 

What an upper and lower case Header might look like using this font. 

Now lets add it to a banner