Chalk SIGN workshops COMING SOON!!! Check back for details!


Get a group of 4 to 6 together and we will work out

a date and time that works for you! 

613 543 2835

Procreate Course for Lettering and Art

Lettering and Calligraphy Workshops to INSPIRE a love of all things LETTERS

                Sign up HERE

Drills Course

This is a class designed to introduce you to modern calligraphy. It covers ...materials, basic drills, and print outs.   Practicing the drills you will learn prio to the full calligraphy class will be a great help to you. (Although you can take the calligraphy class without doing this)

COST: $20.00 And should you chose to take the full course I will reimburse you.
Dates: Check Back for upcoming classes or grab some friends and give me a shout to arrange a time!

Modern Calligraphy for Adults/Teens

This workshop is focused on modern calligraphy. (Basically like Traditional Calligraphy without the rules!) Sign up HERE

 Next Scheduled dates, July 4th and 5th. 12:30 to 3:30

I am offering this FUN workshop in both a full day workshops OR two afternoon workshops. Contact me if you are interested or get a group of 4 to 6 together and we will work out a date and time. ;

 Details HERE

Click here for info on KIDS WORKSHOPS