Online Workbooks are being added since our regular workshops will be on hold for a while!

This workbook is designed to teach you the fundamentals of adding shadows to your letters. Great for CHALKBOARD ART!!

Creating Shadows!

Learn the fundamentals of Shadowing Letters.


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This workbook is a Digital Download and is based on turning regular cursive writing into Modern "Fauxligraphy". Fauxligraphy is a term used to describe Calligraphy that is made easy WITHOUT  the use of special pens and specific skills. If you love it, you can move on to traditional Calligraphy next!!

Your kids can enjoy it too. It is a two part workbook, if you already know how to write in cursive, you don' need part 1.

If you or your kids want to refresh your cursive, or start from scratch, get part 1 and part 2. 

Cursive to Calligraphy Part 1.

Learning cursive writing


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From Cursive to Calligraphy Part 2.

Turning cursive writing into Calligraphy


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a date and time that works for you! 

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Procreate Course for Lettering and Art

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Etched Wine Glasses

Etched Mirrors

Modern Calligraphy

iPad Art

iPad Calligraphy

Chalk Board Lettering

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