Creative Journaling

"No Valuable books have been harmed in the making of this product"

So as it happens, books are being tossed in the garbage all the time. Who knew? Not me until a few years ago, well, sometime in the late nineties. 


Most of the books I use to make the journals and other things you will see here, are old discarded library books on their way to being destroyed. (Many still have library cards intact). Have a look inside and you will see that I have left many of the old illustrations and some selected text. Now they have been given a new purpose and I hope you will enjoy using them. I also try to use as much of the book as I can. In the case of children books, because they are small, I will incorporate the entire book. What do I do with the rest you ask? Note Cards, buttons, magnets, bookmarks, to name a few, and with the spines ...well, you will see that as you scroll down. 

Now, what are you going to write in a journal? Think of it as a Day Book, or a Cook Book,  Guest Book, an Sketch Book, a Travel Journal, a Pet Journal, a Baby Book ...and the list goes on. Each Journal contains approx. 100 blank pages and 20 or so of the original book...or all if possible. 

If you need help getting started on your Creative Journal visit the  Tips and Tricks page.